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Human Resources Strategies
Being employee-oriented, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Co. Ltd. holds firmly to the concept of “prosperous and successful business based on talents” and to the four steps of nurturing, attracting, keeping, and developing talents with the focus on more training and perfecting incentive mechanisms including salary system. The goal is raising the moral standard, scientific and cultural quality, capability of innovation, and professional skills of the staff, offering strong human resource guarantee and support for the company’s growth, and promoting the sustainable, rapid, and healthy development of the company. The target of human resource development in the “11th Five-Year Plan” period is as follows:

  • “512” program: to build a high-level management group of around 50 people who meet the demand of market economy and modern business institution and become qualified in three years for general manager assistant and other senior positions ranking professors or with PhD degrees and a good command of knowledge on modern science and technology management. Thus, the core group of talents of the company comes into being; to build five professional groups of around 100 people with better capability of innovation in the aspects of oil field development, refining and Chemical Engineering, marketing, pipeline transportation and storage, and finance; to build an advanced operational group of about 200 people bold in innovation and practice and with modern production techniques and better skills.

  • Bring up talents of the “Three-Five” Plan for the group company according to the requirement of petrol industry talents by Shaanxi “Three-Five” plan; on the 1st level, to train four people aged 45 or so who rank the science and technology frontier home and abroad in the development of especially low seepage oil field, represent the national academic level, and enjoy certain influence in domestic and foreign science and technology circle. On the 2nd level, to train 12 employees under 45 with high academic achievements in refining, Chemical Engineering, and geology, representing the provincial academic level and taking the lead in academic development; on the 3rd level, to train 50 employees aged between 30 and 40 years old, representing the group company’s academic level of technology, the salt of the earth in the company, and being the potential candidate to take the lead in the provincial academic technology.

  • Group with professional skills: junior, medium, and senior engineers and technicians account for 30 percent of the staff, reaching 5,000 in number.
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