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Social Responsibility

Donation and Public Charity Activities

  • Donated ¥100,000  to the Huaxian Hope School in Weinan in 2001;

  • Donated ¥600,000 to Shaanxi Charity Society; ¥71,221 and 3,698 clothing to Yan'an Disaster Relief Office; ¥83,760and 1,809 clothing to Yan'an Civil Administration Bureau; the total amount of donation being ¥754,981in 2002;

  • Donated ¥500,000 to China Red Cross; ¥1.5 million  to Shaanxi Charity Society; sponsored 40 bridges and 27 hospitals in rural mountainous areas; donated 213,453¥ to Shaanxi Disaster Relief Office; 11,543 clothing to Yan'an Civil Administration Bureau and ¥50,000 to Jutou village, Yan'an City; up to ¥2,263,453 in total in 2003;

  • Donated ¥260.000 to Shaanxi 2nd Wool Spinning Factory through Shaanxi General Union of Workers and sold out the long-stocked goods helping the factory get ¥280,000back; donated ¥9,951 to Bai Xinru, a Yan'an resident suffering from blood disease; donated ¥62,383 to Chenjiashan Coal Mine in Tongchuan that suffered a gas explosion; up to ¥612,334 in total in 2004;

  • Donated ¥100,814to Yan'an Red Cross Office, ¥30,000to Yan'an Disaster Relief Office, and ¥500,000to Yulin Charity Society. ¥630,814 in total in 2005;

  • Donated ¥100,000to Song Xuejuan, a patient suffering from leukemia in Xianyang; ¥868,387donated by the staff as a result of "giving your warmth and care" campaign organized by the company; donated ¥150.000to the Children's Village run by Shaanxi Huigui Institute; ¥1,118,387 in total in 2006.

  • By 2006, Yanchang Petroleum Group has donated ¥5.2 million  to Shaanxi Charity Society, and sponsored 40 charity bridges and 27 hospitals. On the 10th anniversary of Shaanxi Charity Society in Sep. 2006, Yanchang Petroleum Group was awarded "business with marked contribution to the cause of charity in Shaanxi" and "Sanqin Charity Prize".

  • April, 2007
    With the hope to support the disabled-people's work and to warm the disabled people with help from the socialist society, Yanchang Petroleum Group booked 200 tickets (worthy of RMB 40,000 yuan) of "The Music Concert for Disabled People" on 23rd and 24th of April at Xi'an Yisu Theater, jointly performed by Ai Feixiang Disabled People's Troupe of Arts and Xiong Ying Culture and Arts Broadcasting Corp. Ltd. of Huangshi, Hunan Province.

  • July 2007
    Three cities of southern Shaanxi Province and some districts of the middle area of Shaanxi Province were severely stricken by successive rainstorms, floods, landslides and mud-rock flows, causing huge loss of lives and properties to local people and great influence on the social economic development. Through Charity Federation of Shaanxi Province, Yanchang Petroleum Group donated ¥ 2,000,000 for 500,000 kg of flour powder and 10,000 quilts to help people of the disaster-stricken areas. Meanwhile, the Group carried out various charity and donation activities among its subordinated companies, ending with monetary donation of ¥659,467 and material donation 774 pieces.

  • September 2007
    Donated ¥2,000,000 to Shaanxi Province Care Foundation to support the theme charity activity " Care Foundation - Love Campaign"

  • October 2007
    • Donated ¥100,000 to SOS Children's Village for tuitions and living expenses
    • Donated ¥210,000 to Qiaozhen Central Primary School of Ganquan County, Yanan;
    • Donated ¥300,000 to Yongxiang Central Primary School of Luochuan County to restore the campus.

  • Year 2008

     1.Donated RMB 1 million Yuan to Shaanxi Provincial Council for the Pro motion of Construction in the Old Revolutionary Areas in January;
Donated RMB 2 million Yuan to Shaanxi Provincial Foundation for Disabled Persons in March;

      2.Donated RMB 5 million Yuan to the project of eliminating difficulty in drinking water in the area of Baiyu Mountain of Yulin in April;
Donated RMB 10 million Yuan to disaster-hit areas through provincial civil affairs system of Shaanxi in May, including RMB 8 million Yuan to the provincial disaster relief office and RMB 2 million Yuan to the provincial charity society; 
       3.Donated RMB 5 million Yuan to Hanzhong Social Donation Office and RMB 5 million Yuan to Baoji Disaster Relief Office in June;
Donated RMB 12 million Yuan to 12 primary schools in Hanzhong and Baoji through the provincial charity society in July for reconstruction after disaster;
       4.Donated RMB 4.41 million Yuan to Yan’an Bureau of Finance for poverty relief in July;

       5.Donated RMB 600,000 Yuan to the red-cross society of Chencang District in Baoji and RMB 600,000 Yuan to old revolutionary area office of Zizhou County for poverty relief in September; 

       6.Donated RMB 50 million Yuan to Longxian County of Baoji for reconstruction after disaster in 2008; 

       7.Donations made by employees: RMB 6.47 million Yuan;

       8.After Wenchuan earthquake on May 12th, 2008, all employees and youth league members have initiatively donated RMB 4.87 million Yuan. Donation of RMB 59,193 Yuan was transferred to the provincial disaster relief office of Shaanxi Province, RMB 33,870 Yuan to the disaster relief office of Yulin, RMB 3,704,903 Yuan to the provincial charity society and RMB 1,076,602 Yuan to the Youth League Work Committee of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province. 

        9.In October, the donation themed sending warmth and giving love was carried out among employees. RMB 1.6 million Yuan and 25,900 clothes were donated in total, all of which have been handed over to Shaanxi Provincial Disaster Relief and Donation Office by the end of October.

    Year 2009

     1. Insisted on relieving poverty, helping destitute people and employees in difficulty. Workers’ Union of Yanchang Petroleum has filed electronic records of employees in living difficulties. Workers’ union of all levels have expressed sympathy to more than 1,500 destitute employees and family dependants of the deceased in different ways and distributed more than RMB 1 million Yuan of various relief fund, subsidy and pension. 

     2. Implemented ‘Autumn Study Grant’, and helped children of employees get educated in various ways. Refinery Company, Pipeline Transportation Company, Xinghua, Northwest Rubber and Material Company have taken diverse measures and collected more than RMB 100,000 Yuan to help children of destitute employees successfully finished schooling.

      Year 2010

      1. Donated RMB 3 million Yuan to the opening ceremony of the 14th Sports Meeting of Shaanxi Province as a sponsor in 2010;

      2. Donated RMB 3 million Yuan to Shaanxi Arts Development Foundation in 2010;


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