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Legal Statement

This website is created by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Corp. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yanchang Petroleum). By accessing and using the Site for browsing, reading and downloading any material, information or other content from the Site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below and live messages or notices issued by the Site. These terms and conditions shall constitute the agreement between you and Yanchang Petroleum. Your visit and use of the Website shall be deemed as you have been aware of and fully accepted all terms and conditions in the agreement, including any modification thereto by Yanchang Petroleum.

On the website, the domain name, texts, images, videos and audios, layout, process and program as well as other content are under protection of relevant laws, regulations, rules and regulative legal documents of People’s Republic of China. Yanchang Petroleum shall be entitled with and retain copyrights and other rights relating content of website. No enterprises or individuals shall copy, distribute, modify, spread, transfer or use the content of the website in any form for any public and commercial purposes or make mirrors on any server other than the one owned by Yanchang Petroleum.

Yanchang Petroleum and the Site hereby disclaim any legal liability imposed under/or due to the following situations:
1.Direct, indirect, legal and agreed guarantee on any content of the Site, content or service relating to the Site, content of other websites linked to the Site (including but without limitation to express and implied guarantee in any form on accuracy, completeness, promptness, effectiveness, stability, usability and non-infringement to other people’s rights concerning the use, content, service and information of the Site.
2.Omission, error, loss, delay or interruption of information arising out of abnormal network transmission/transfer due to failures of telecommunications and/or network service providers; warranty of promptness of your browsing, reading and using the Site or other websites linked to the Site.
3.Yanchang Petroleum and the Site may alter the content of the website from time to time without prior notice. In addition, no prompt update of the Site and information to you about the update is guaranteed.
4.Your use of the website implies that you agree to undertake all the risks that results from browsing and using the content of the Site. Under no circumstances, the Site shall be legally responsible for direct, indirect, or incidental losses or losses to any third party (including without limitation to profit losses, data missing, or property damage) arising from your use of the Site content, reading and writing data from the Site, use of the content of other websites linked to the Site, or inaccessibility to the Site, regardless of suit for contract, suit for infringement, or suit for other reasons.
5.Any opinions or views expressed or implied in articles and materials contained in the Site are all writers’ personal views and represent no views or opinions of Yangchang Petroleum or the Site.

Privacy protection
The Site shall respect the privacy of all users and shall not collect their information without prior consent from the users. We shall adopt reasonable security measure to protect users’ information acquired by us for business needs. The site shall by no means disclose personal information of users to any unrelated third party without prior consent from the users.

Laws of People’s Republic of China shall govern any suits or disputes arising from the Site. In the event that the abovementioned articles become illegal due to any modification of laws of People’s Republic of China, all parties agree that Yanchang Petroleum shall thereby make modifications.

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